School learning is abstract, theoretical, and organized by disciplines while work is concrete, specific to tasks, and organized by problems, projects, and tasks with clearly defined goals, requirements, and outcomes. Skills4Industry integrative competence concepts pedagogy, situated learning support orchestration, and the LearningLog technology were created to connect and integrate these disparate worlds despite their different goals, incentives, and constraints.


Through limitless opportunities to explore possibilities in media arts and education using animations, virtual reality, 3D, games, video, Television, and shot Films Skills4Industry multidisciplinary integrative competence academic experience will come alive for young people from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Across 16 institutions and over 200 disciplinary areas, work tasks exploration media arts will provide students with work shadowing that will result in proficiencies in combining disciplines required to delve into specialized fields later in life. They can research, write, act, model, compete, create, innovate, calculate, or champion a social cause afterward—because, at Skills4Industry, we believe that growth comes from exploration. When combined with a grade-appropriate integrative competence curriculum, the compositional innovations from our Institute of Integrative Creative Studies (IICS), and the Integrative Digital Transformation Institute (IDTI) will result in unprecedented preparation for work.